About Us
Established in April 2004, Hablemos aims to teach Spanish to everyone who has a keen interest in the language and culture of Spain and Latin America. The staff at Hablemos do not accept that English people are no good at learning languages, and many of the students are proving this misconception wrong.

The staff at Hablemos are all qualified native and non-native speakers, and are committed to sharing their knowledge and experience of Spanish. All of the teachers have lived or spent extended periods of time in Spain, Latin America and England and have had to speak another language.

The teachers focus on encouraging the students to speak in Spanish as soon as possible. The school belives that too much emphasis is put on learning to be grammatically correct and, although it is important to learn the “nuts and bolts”, having a go, trying something out, guessing and not being afraid to make a mistake are equally as important.

Hablemos is proud of the fact that Spanish has become one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, with 22 Spanish-speaking countries and 400 million Spanish speakers. A good reason, they think, to learn Spanish.

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