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Are you looking to try something new? Or perhaps you are taking Spanish at school and would like some extra tuition. Either way we have a Spanish course for you. Offering adult and teenage Spanish language courses online. We also have a face to face option at our school in Thanet, East Kent.

DUE TO THE CURRENT CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC WE ARE CURRENTLY offering ONLINE LESSONS. However, if you are happy to take your lesson face to face, then we have made our premises a COVID safe environment.
At Hablemos we offer small quality Spanish classes for students of all levels. During the class we try to focus as much as possible on the spoken word. We encourage students to ‘have a go’ at speaking in Spanish as soon as possible.
Adults Learning Spanish
Teenagers Learning Spanish
HABLEMOS runs regular Spanish courses after school for teenagers. The courses are designed to focus primarily on the speaking and listening skills. The teenagers are also introduced to aspects of grammar.
Hablemos runs after school Spanish clubs at many schools in the local area and also runs the clubs at the school. The clubs are designed to introduce kids to the language, explore Spanish and Latin cultures and have lots of fun! Classes run once a week for an hour.
Spanish for Children
What our students say
Hazel Ryan

I have been learning Spanish at Hablemos for several years. The teacher is a native Spanish speaker and also knows lots about the culture of various Latin American countries. The class size is small so we all have time to practise speaking. It is a relaxed atmosphere so i don’t feel self conscious about using the wrong words or pronunciation. We discuss many different topics in Spanish from art, music and history to climate change, rather than just the holiday subjects (booking accommodation or ordering food) which you find on most Spanish courses.

Chris Owen

I have been learning Spanish as an adult for over a year and a half. I enjoy the lessons immensely, as does everyone in my group, and think I am making good progress, despite having only limited time to study, away from lessons. The teaching is excellent: appropriately and skilfully matched to the group of learners. The mix of reading, speaking, listening and reading means lessons are always interesting and I like the way grammar is taught in context. I have also enjoyed learning about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. The ethos of the school is very supportive and I love the teacher’s enthusiasm, patience and sense of humour.

Leslie Bradley

I am writing this in English to make it easier to understand for somebody wishing to speak or take up serious Spanish. Just after this language center for Spanish opened in 2006 I had lessons once a week and whilst I may not follow the grammar required for examination which Fran is very good and hot on, I followed his courses and now when I go to Argentina I never stop speaking. Fran was born in Panama which makes him an Ideal teacher with the right accent for South American or main land Spanish. My recommendations cannot go far enough if you want to correspond, speak or otherwise in Spanish then Hablemos is for you.

Donna Murphy

I would highly recommend Hablemos. The teacher is from Panama and has also spent many years teaching and working in Spain, so has in depth knowledge of both Latin American Spanish and Castilian. Lots of cultural, geographical knowledge of both Latin America & Spain. Also a chef, so culinary knowledge of cultures too. – means very interesting conversational topics on which to try out your Spanish! Follows a programme from books at appropriate level, but this is supplemented with a wide range of other resources. Confidence in speaking is strongly encouraged, no matter the level in a non-intimidating setting, so you feel at ease to have a go. Regular homework set, so you can work at home between classes.

Chris Anderson

From the first telephone call requesting information to attending the course it was everything I expected and more.

The lessons have been exactly what I expected being paced at a level which has made me think about my learning.

I expected to be taken back to my school days, while some of this has been expected. I have experienced respect and dignity from Francisco and his colleagues.

I thoroughly recommend I speak to everyone thinking of learning another language. Start your search at Hablemo you will not go far wrong.

Memphis Dave

My experience of We have always been very positive, in recent years I have joined very useful conversation groups with other Spanish speakers, and our daughter has enjoyed Spanish for beginners courses. Small group sizes, teachers friendly and knowledgeable, and good teaching materials.

Chloe Sanyu

I have been at school since the age of 5, and it has been an enjoyable experience. The teaching is very good and I have learned a lot here, so glad to have stayed doing Spanish from primary school level, up to GCSEs. I’m hoping to take Spanish for the IB, where I’ll receive top quality teaching from Fran. Let’s talk is a great school for children and adults of all ages. I would have not gone anywhere else.

We aim to make learning the Spanish language a fun and interesting experience, join us on our Spanish journey Fran Valles, Spanish Teacher
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